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Netel Technology (Holding) Ltd. company activities

Netel New Media

Starting from 17 Dec 2017, the first "house-seeing" event organized and promoted by Netel for our client (property agent) in Zhongshan, Netel continues to hold similar events for prospecting clients. From Jan 2018 to 4 July 2018, a total number of 31 show-flat tours have been held. Details are as follows:

13, 20, 27-28 Jan 2018 (3)

3, 24 Feb 2018 (2)

1, 3, 11, 17, 18, 24, 30-31 Mar 2018 (7)

15, 21, 22, 28-29 Apr 2018 (4)

5, 6, 14, 19, 26 May 2018 (5)

2, 5, 10, 12, 23, 24 Jun 2018 (6)

1, 4 Jul 2018 (2)

Export forum in Jinjiang on the 30th March 2018

Netel hosted an export forum at the Winner International Hotel in Jinjiang, which was attended by over 100 entrepreneurs from various business fields.

The event was reported by the Jinjiang business news (晋江经济报):

China-Shenzhen human resources development forum / Opening ceremony
for the Shenzhen human resources service industrial Park (16 th November 2017)

On the 16th November 2017, the “China-Shenzhen human resources
development forum” (中国·深圳人力资源发展创新论坛) was hosted by the Shenzhen Human
Resources and Social Security Bureau on the 16th of November
2017 to celebrate the opening of the “Shenzhen human resources service
industrial Park” (深圳人才园人力资源服务产业园), where we were invited to open a branch
to promote the exchange of talents between China, Hong Kong, and overseas.

Our Chairman Mr. Ang was invited to speak at the forum to the attendees
which includes around a hundred human resources companies in Shenzhen who
were invited by the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

The event has been reported as follows:

Futian office in Shenzhen (November 2017)

Our office at the “Shenzhen human resources service industrial park”
(深圳人才园人力资源服务产业园) at the Futian District was opened in November 2017. The
use of the office space was granted to use by the Shenzhen Human Resources
and Social Security Bureau.

The office is located at the Shenzhen government’s human resources
department’s office building. People who comes from different provinces and
foreigners who work in Shenzhen will have to register here, making it an
ideal location for human resources companies to be located due to the high
traffic of local and international talents.

Shenzhen human resources service industrial park concept art:

Shenzhen human resources service industrial park exterior:

Shenzhen human resources service industrial park office interior (1):

Shenzhen human resources service industrial park office interior (2):

Shenzhen human resources service industrial park office interior (3):

Companies located at the Shenzhen human resources service industrial park office :

15th November 2017 (FM106.2)

Our chairman Mr. James Ang was invited by the Shenzhen Human Resources and
Social Security Bureau (深圳市人力资源和社会保障局). To speak on the “Communications
radio” (交通频率 fm106.2) for one hour during peak hours to promote GBjobs.

Nanshan office November 2017

The Nanshan office was granted to us by the “Nanshan human resources
department” (南山区人力资源局) for use. Nanshan’s close proximity to Hong Kong
makes it the ideal location for our cross-border recruitment services –
which helps mainland enterprise hire Hong Kong and overseas talent, as well
as helping enterprise in Hong Kong hire Chinese talent. Currently it is
under final renovation.

8th November 2017 (Big data seminar)

We hosted a big data seminar attended by over 40 people from mainly the export sector in Fushan to promote our digital marketing services.

2017 GBjobs international talent exposition (26-27th August 2017)

On the 26-27th of August, we hosted the 2017 GBjobs international talent exposition and invited companies from various countries to attend. Companies used this opportunity to promote their job vacancies to attendees.

During the exposition, we have also invited various guests to speak at our forum, including lawyers, accountants, and representatives from consulates in Hong Kong and China.

Mr. Philipp Haas, the Head Investment Promotion Switzerland of the Swiss Business Hub China; and Ms. Claudia Solenthaler, the Head of Swiss Business Hub Hong Kong:

19th June 2017

In June, we were cooperated with the Hunan China Market of Human Resources to host a talk on “overseas investment, international trade, and global high end talent recruitment”. The talk was attend by over 30 enterprises with the intention to promote our upcoming exhibition on the 26-27th August.

16th June 2017 (Press Conference in Shenzhen)

On the 16th June 2017, we held a press conference for our exposition at our Shenzhen office attended by journalists from over 30 media outlets in China, including China National Radio:

15th April 2017 (The 15th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals)

17th October 2016

On the 17th October, GBjobs hosted a conference in at the Hong Kong Productivity Centre on behalf of the “Nanshan human resources department” (南山区人力资源局) to help them attract HR Companies in Hong Kong to set up office in Nanshan. The event which was attended by over a dozen large HR companies was successful ran.

10th October 2016 (China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair)

On the 10th October 2016, GBjobs attended the annual China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair to promote our services to a wide range of audience from mainland to overseas enterprises.

Longgang Office (May 2016)

Our first office in Shenzhen was opened in Longgang in May 2016. The use of the 344 sq. meter office located at the technology park 天安云谷 (Cloud Park) was granted to us by the “Longgang human resources department” (龙岗区人力资源局). It is the base of our headhunting and recruitment operation in China. At the moment, we have 12 employees at the office and are looking to further expand in the coming year.

In the past year of operation in Shenzhen, we have established over 200 corporate accounts clients, including large corporations such as Foxconn, S.F. Express, and Livzon Pharmaceutical.

Cloud Park:

Seminars at Longgang office

We regularly hold seminars of various nature at our Longgang office, mainly focuing on labor law topics to attract human resources personels to attend – our target clients for our human resources solutions services.

29th July 2017

24th March 2017

2nd December 2016

Netel New Media

Our Netel New Media division has been in operation since March 2017. Our main business model has two components, Facebook promotion service and big data prospecting service. Our big data promotion services is an extention business from our recruitment business since we can utilize our data gathered from our operation to help compnies promote their products. In Hong Kong, our services has received positive feedback from our clients, such as tailors and toy manufacturors.

We have recently expanded our services to China since there is a large demand for Facebook promotion service for exporters due the the fact that Facebook is banned in China. Chinese companies who focus on the China market can also utilize our big data to find potential customers.

17th December 2017

Apart from online promotion services, we also organize offline events for our clients using our own sales team. On the 17th December 2017, we organized a ‘house-seeing’ event for our real-estate client “Bona Properties” (博納地產) in Zhongshan. It was attended by over a dozen prospective customers from Hong Kong and China. For each successful customer, a commission will be paid to Netel. On the 23rd of December we have organized a similar event at a new development.

Our real-estate clients currently includes the afore mentioned “Bona Properties” (博納地產), (Q房網), and “Hua Zhen Properties” (華振地產). More property developer clients are currently in talk.

One World One Language Limited activities

One World One Language Limited is a related company of Netel. Over the past two years, we have been running seminars regularly. In total, wed held over 30 seminars which were attended by over 400 people.

11th March 2016 (Restraint of trade)

1st June 2016 (Restraint of trade)

28th September 2016 (trade descriptions ordinance seminar)

28th October 2016 (common commercial law risks and prevention methods)

1st January 2017 (business contract drafting techniques)